• Pinstapaper

    From last week's announcement of Pinterest buying Instapaper:

    For you, the Instapaper end user and customer, nothing changes. The Instapaper team will be moving from betaworks in New York City to Pinterest's headquarters in San Francisco, and we'll continue to make Instapaper a great place to save and read articles.

    From the not too distant future:

    Effective immediately, we are sunsetting the deprecated Instapaper service, and removing the app from the App Store. The improved Pinterest app will continue to meet all your photo and article saving needs.

    Tell me I'm wrong.


  • Thirty minutes in Drafts & Slack last night resulted in more work accomplished than the previous ten hours.

    2016-08-26 09:33

  • Just reset the message cache in Airmail for the fifth time in two days. At this point, I have no idea why I'm still using it.

    Potentially great app completely ruined by annoying bugs.

    2016-08-26 09:22

  • I'm starting to think that some adults actually care about politics in a non sarcastic manner.

    2016-08-23 06:40

  • 30 Minute Podcasts

    Lots of popular podcasts are long. Really long. 1.5 - 2.5 hours long. I don't know about you, but I think that's nuts. Half an hour is a much more manageable length for a podcast.

    Why aren't there very many good 30 minute podcasts?

    It's the ads, stupid. It's always the ads.

    You can have 3 sponsor reads in a 2 hour podcast with no trouble. Even if the ads are a disrespectfully long 3 minutes1 each, that's 9 total minutes of ads - just 7.5% of the total episode length.

    Now try that in a 30 minute show. You're looking at 30% of the entire show as ads. No one is listening to a podcast that is 30% ads2.

    1. Some unnamed shows have ads as long as 6 minutes each. That is beyond disrespectful of the listener. 

    2. Except valued listeners of All the Good Ads


  • Vesper and Sync

    Vesper's custom sync service is being disabled, and the app will be removed from the App Store:

    Sync will be turned off Aug. 30 at 8pm Pacific. We'll destroy all the data, and neither we nor anyone else will be able to recover it.

    Apps die all the time - it's a part of life. Vesper was a well-made app, even if it never clicked with me, and it's a shame to see it go.

    The interesting part is the sync service. You see, Vesper's developers decided that Vesper was simply too good to use something like iCloud sync or Dropbox sync. Instead, they created a custom sync service from scratch. I'm sure it was fabulous.

    Now that it's going away, I hope you can see why that's a really bad thing.

    Had Vesper used iCloud or Dropbox, users of the app would continue using it until some future iOS update finally broke compatibility.

    At least the devs were nice enough to update the app one last time to add an export feature. That's a nice touch.


  • Ultra low-carb pancakes with butter. Turkey sausage cooked in coconut oil.

    What have I become?

    2016-08-18 23:13

  • Feed Hawk

    This app shouldn't need to exist.

    If you visit a site with an RSS feed and tap the Feed Hawk extension, Feed Hawk will subscribe to the feed and display a confirming alert.

    RSS apps should have an extension built in. None of them do, so Feed Hawk was born. I feel silly paying $3 for it, but I feel sillier using a clunky bookmarklet to subscribe to feeds, and not being able to subscribe at all in Safari View Controller.


  • It's been a little over two months since I published this fantastic little snippet. I'm happy to report that nothing has changed, except for the message has become twice as loud.

    2016-08-17 20:11

  • To-do lists

    There have been several articles floating around recently about how task lists are stupid, and you should use your calendar instead. Thanks to the power of procrastination, Ben Brooks wrote the response that I have been busy not writing:

    I think this trend is stupid, and your time is far better spent learning how to stop procrastinating than it is planning out every waking minute of your day.


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