• I've been listening to the archive of the Enough Podcast this week. It's clearly the best podcast ever made, and it's a shame it ended.

    2017-01-21 14:09

  • Hucksterism

    Do you write things on the Internet? Do you wish you were a highly paid Internet Huckster instead? I can help. I've seen quite a few writers use this exact1 method.

    How to be a famous Internet Huckster

    Step 1. Write interesting stuff & gain lots of readers

    Step 2. Add high priced magic courses to your interesting writing. Most of your long-term readers will ignore the magic courses, staying around for the good writing.

    Step 3. Stop writing anything interesting at all. All writing is to support the high priced magic courses. At this point, most of your old readers have moved on. That's ok, because see step 4.

    Step 4. Sleep on the piles of money you make as an Official Internet Huckster. Who cares about those losers you lost in step 3? Not you! You are busy running out of places to put all your Internet Huckster money.

    1. Steps 1-3 for sure. I'm inferring step 4, but I'm pretty sure it's accurate. You can trust me; I'm from the Internet. 


  • Seth nails it.

    And that's the true danger of anti-intellectualism. While it's foolish to choose to be stupid, it's cultural suicide to decide that insights, theories and truth don't actually matter. If we don't care to learn more, we won't spend time or resources on knowledge.

    2017-01-14 13:01

  • Two posts in two days? James is out of hibernation.

    2017-01-11 07:23

  • Maybe the eleventh time that I try Airmail, the awesome features to incredibly annoying bug ratio will tilt in my favor.


    2017-01-09 07:31

  • Sometimes I forgot about the great Drafts actions I have set up / collected over the years. I've long had an action that expands a shortened URL to the final domain, but I've been doing it manually for too long. Oops.

    2017-01-08 16:06

  • More on Twitter

    Jack is taking another Twitter break. His first observation is not surprising.

    One immediate side effect is that after one week without Twitter I'm already less angry at the world. That's something worth pursuing.

    Jeff is on break1. Gabe, too. I checked just now, and my own sabbatical is up over 300 days. It's tough to imagine going back, but I'm not making any proclamations.

    The core argument for Twitter is that everyone is there. That is less true than it used to be.

    1. Sadly not writing or even doing microposts on his site. Good thing we have Slack and iMessage. 


  • James Gowans has the secret to a productive 2017.

    2017-01-08 12:05

  • Daniel Miessler on the Email Newsletter:

    We've hit the point where we can no longer process all the great stuff out there, so now the game is to find people who can do that for you.

    I have been slowly adding email newsletters to my life. Some I get in my inbox, and some I sent straight to Instapaper. A well done email newsletter is always nice to read each week.

    2017-01-08 11:49

  • Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism:

    Drastically reducing the number of thing you do in your digital life can by itself have a significant calming impact. This value should not be underestimated.

    2017-01-08 11:43

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