• Logging in to a pile of old Twitter accounts to disable email notifications. This feels like a good use of my time.

    The constant inane emails just reek of desperation on Twitter's part.

    2016-12-10 06:52

  • Nothing but errors trying to add an Airport Express to my home network with my iMac. Worked on the first try from my iPad.

    I'm not sure why I didn't try the iPad first.

    2016-12-09 19:51

  • Strips are back

    I loved the idea of Strips at first. Very quickly, I declared the experiment a failure.

    The Strips experiment was a failure. I love the way they feel for the first day after they're applied. By the second to third day, the grippy layer comes apart from the adhesive layer, and they need to be replaced.

    Good news - Strips aren't dead. The makers redesigned Strips to solve the exact problem that I was having. They re-released an all-new version of Strips. In fact, they released two different kinds.

    Even better than that - they sent me both types for free. Since I supported the Kickstarter campaign ages ago, they decided this was the right thing to do. Classy move.

    Strip now comes in Subtle and Rough. Neither feels as good as the original when you apply them. I recommend passing on Subtle, even though they feel nicer than Rough. Rough feels slightly unpleasant at first - like a bobcat's tongue1.


    The first set of Rough Strips have been on my phone since the day I installed them. They work exactly as well today as they did that day - there's no sign of wear or peeling.

    The redesigned Strips are a resounding success. I now happily use my iPhone 7 Plus without a case, and I feel relatively sure that it won't slip out of my hands and make me sad and broke.

    These things are seven bucks. If you haven't yet found a case that makes you happy, you should try them.

    1. It's what I imagine a bobcat's tongue feels like. Rougher than a house cat's tongue, but similar. 


  • Inoreader

    Not too long ago, I complained about the amount of political bullshit in my RSS reader.

    Way too much politics in my RSS reader lately. I thought I was avoiding all this nonsense as a byproduct of avoiding social media.

    Inoreader is the answer. I switched to Inoreader recently, and have been making liberal use of the Filters and Rules. If you can imagine Tweetbot filters for RSS, then you're most of the way there.

    Sure, you can set up fancy automatic starring, or automatic sending to Instapaper1 - but really, filtering out a huge percentage of the bullshit is worth the price of entry.

    You can play around with the Filters if you want. They let you filter individual feeds, and that's nice. But the Rules hold the real power. Set up your account-wide filtering in Rules, and you never have to see a headline with words that raise your blood pressure.2

    1. And you should. It's great.  

    2. No, I won't share my Filters & Rules list. Use your imagination. You're probably wrong. 


  • Amazon is launching a layperson-friendly VPS service called Lightsail.

    It handles all of the technical details, such as launching the virtual machine, attaching the storage, setting up security groups and so forth — removing a huge barrier to entry for less-technical users.

    Now there's even less of an excuse for you to not run your own website on your own server.

    2016-12-04 15:01

  • None of this matters. Don't get confused and think it does.

    2016-12-04 15:01

  • This is adorable advice for the self-employed snowflake:

    Someone who plans every minute of their day, and every day of their week, is going to accomplish an order of magnitude more high-value work than someone who identifies only a single daily objective.

    Meanwhile, people with jobs - as in, most people - don't get to play at that party.

    2016-12-04 14:54

  • Westbrook is a Triple Double Machine

    Russell Westbrook has long been my second favorite NBA player, after Kobe. Now that Kobe's retired, he tops the list.

    Following yet another feat of scoring, passing and crashing the glass, Westbrook is now averaging a triple-double (30.9 points, 11.3 assists and 10.3 rebounds). Oscar Robertson is the only player in NBA history to finish a season with such an average in 1962.

    I don't know if it's possible for a human to average a triple double in the modern NBA. Westbrook is averaging one going into December. I guess nobody told him it's probably not possible. I don't think he would care anyway.


  • Micro.blog

    Manton Reece on his late game rebranding of Snippets.today:

    But again, the way forward is clear. I should put everything into launching and growing my new microblog platform. It's too much to maintain other web apps at the same time.

    It's no secret that I'm a big fan of microblogging. I don't know what the finished product of Micro.blog looks like, or if it will be for me, but you can be sure that I will follow it closely.


  • I recently rediscovered Gaping Void, and am very glad that I did.

    The silence between words is often where the meaning falls.

    2016-11-28 13:51

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