Inspiration is fleeting. For days on end, I will be inspired to create things. Website designs, new ways to make websites do what I want them to do, words on a screen. Inspiration is a wonderful thing when you have it, because great pieces of work flow from your fingers with ease.

Sometimes, though. Sometimes, inspiration is a real bitch. She's hiding from you, and you just can't find her. You look in your text editor, but she isn't there. You check on the Internet, but she's not there. Twitter? Nope, she's not there either. Coda? Nah, she's not there, though you can hear her laughing in the distance.

Lately, inspiration has been that way to me. I can't find her. I sit down to write, but my fingers have nothing to say. I start to dream up a new design, but it's all foggy. I try to tweak some code to make it do something neat, but my fingers don't know what to do.

Without inspiration, your fingers are just appendages. Sure, they're still good for basic tasks. But they will not create things on their own. For that, they need inspiration, wherever she may be.