In the next room sits a 24", dual core, 4GB of RAM iMac. Two years ago it was a powerhouse, and it's still pretty great today, all things considered. Yet I write this from my bedroom, on an iPad hooked up wirelessly to a bluetooth keyboard.

A huge hunk of powerful glass and metal sit, unused. Today, right now, for this task, it's not the best tool. The distractions it offer are too many. Sure, it's great for many, many things. For designing and coding websites, it is certainly the best tool. But for writing? Perhaps not.

The iPad can multitask these days, of course... but not in the same manner as a desktop computer. I can only see the app I'm working on at the moment, and nothing else. Since I'm using Simplenote in full screen mode... all I can see is the text that I'm writing.

No dock. No Safari. No Twitter. No Google Plus. No multitouch trackpad to make flicking through apps a breeze. Nothing. Just words on a screen.

Sometimes, that's exactly what you need. This isn't meant to be profound... but if I didn't step away from the desktop, these words wouldn't exist at all. That's enough reason for me to step away once in awhile.