2Doist. That's 2Do and Todoist. It's something, but I'm not sure what.

Bifurcation. It's a word I've never used while speaking, and to date have written it exactly once. Months of task management chaos where I spent more time deferring tasks than completing them had me searching for change.

After a fair bit of prodding, Tim talked me into trying a 2Do / Todoist combination. 2Doist. Here are my early thoughts on using Todoist for work tasks.

The good

  • Todoist is a web service first and an app second. This is awesome.
  • IFTTT / Zapier / Flow integration
  • Natural language parsing
  • Ability to email tasks with project and labels assigned
  • Date and time stamped notes are great
  • I can use my work task manager on my work PC

The Bad

  • As promised, my brain is broken
  • Actually using the apps is not a great experience
  • No repeating projects
  • Natural language parsing sometimes leads to unexpected task names and due times
  • No concept of Start Dates1
  • The Outlook add-on creates links to email that sometimes just don't work, and I have no idea why. I have lost trust in this feature.
  • The aforementioned Outlook email links do nothing on iOS.
  • I can't paste a complete project into Todoist like I can in 2Do.
  • Editing a task and editing a note are entirely separate functions
  • No clear way to use the rickety templating system on iOS2.

This article is short, but it took me a week to finish. When I started, I was keeping my mind open to 2Doist as a possible option. It took me until now to realize I hate this system.

I don't think it's the dual-system setup that I hate. I'm still theoretically open to that. It's definitely Todoist that is just not for me. So for now, 2Doist is dead, and everything is back in 2Do. Now excuse me; I have to go defer some tasks.

  1. This feels like a deal breaker. 

  2. It's really an import / export system. It is not good.