Some random thoughts on this year's NBA Finals.

  • If the Warriors win, it is in no way an indictment of LeBron. The Cavs are supposed to lose. We're talking about a 73 win team that added one of the greatest scorers1 in the history of the game.
  • If the Cavs win, then LeBron simply must be in the conversation as an equal to Michael Jordan. He's already in the top 3 all time. Arguing otherwise at that point is just silly.
  • If the Cavs win, Durant will look even worse than he already does. The guy left to join the 73 win superteam that beat him in last year's playoffs, and still couldn't win it all?
  • If the Cavs win, I assume Golden State will have to go all-in on collecting superstars. They'll figure out some way to make a hard push for Chris Paul2, and they'll try to coax Tim Duncan out of retirement for a year.

I'm tempted to say Warriors in 5, with the possibility of a sweep. LeBron has been superhuman in the last two Finals, and is playing his best basketball this year. That would be disrespectful.

Warriors in six.

  1. Durant isn't just a great scorer of course. He is a superb defensive player as well. 

  2. Free agent this summer, though they won't easily have the cap space to pursue him.