I am lucky enough to be a member of several great Slack teams. Most of the time, it's great. Fun conversation, good ideas, inside jokes - the whole works.

Each Slack team is like a little sliver of the wonderful things that the Internet has to offer, usually without the utter nonsense that Twitter so often devolves into. There are reasons that I haven't been on Twitter for several months. That stuff wears me out.

So Slack is the answer to all of our problems. Except it isn't.

All it takes in your team of 5,10,20, 50 awesome people is one. Just one person who talks about his or her favorite (or least favorite) politician constantly. Just one person who shoves The Right Opinions down your throats all day. Just one person who grates at you and just annoys the hell out of you every time you see those little words:

XYZ is typing

Slack clearly needs a /ignore command.

One simple command, and everything is back to rainbows and puppy dogs. There are several Slack teams that I visit less and less frequently because they each have one person that I would be happier never hearing from. Without /ignore, I have to opt out of the whole team. That doesn't seem ideal.