App developers and service providers love monthly subscriptions. It's much better to get a recurring payment each and every month rather than only getting paid on day one. It's better for the developers and service providers - but how about you?

A lot of smart people are getting really worn out with subscriptions.

Gabe isn't a fan:

But, but, it’s just $3 per month. That’s the same as a cup of derp, derp, derp… I have subscription exhaustion too

Neither is Julia:

It’s that time of year when I vigorously prune my list of software/service subscriptions & get pissed for letting it getting so out of hand.

Or Phillip:

Because if you wanna hook people into a subscription, you better justify that, got it, YNAB?

Here are a few services that offer subscriptions:

Subscription Monthly Cost
iCloud $4
Dropbox Pro $10
MS Office $10
1Password for families $5
Pocket $5
Instapaper $3
Adobe CC $50
Single Site1 $5
Club MacStories $5
RelayFM $5
NY Times $22
Flickr Pro $3
Overcast $1
Total $133

This is a very incomplete list of the sites & service that offer monthly subscriptions. This list could be so much longer. Remember, I only included one "single site" subscription. There are dozens of popular ones, and probably hundreds or thousands to choose from. I also only included iCloud storage for one person. A family could spend $10-$20 / mo on iCloud storage without breaking a sweat.

Just about every one of these subscriptions, by itself, seems perfectly reasonable. Who can really get mad about paying four bucks a month for iCloud storage? Or $5 / month for Club MacStories? Isn't $5 / month for 1Password for Familes a great deal?

Sure. Individually, they do make sense.

Add them all up, and all of a sudden what was a cup of coffee looks more like an additional utility bill. I don't need another utility bill in my life.

Track your subscriptions. Keep a text file, an Excel spreadsheet, or write it on dead trees. Just keep an eye on your list to make sure it doesn't get out of control. That reminds me – I need to add a recurring item to 2Do.

Note: I wrote about subscription software last year. I hated it then, too.

  1. This could be any site that offers a monthly membership. There are tons - use your imagination.