Conor McClure on the new Macbook:

I myself am a college student, but am also an “adult computer” user—I want power, speed, and possibilities. Last week’s updates to the MacBook Pro line were indeed “modest”, if not “half-assed.” I’m not eager to upgrade my computer given Apple’s latest advancements. They’re focus on portability and other silly features (Force Touch?) have neglected the other spectrum of MacBook power users who want massive speed and battery. (I’m not even talking about the Thunderbolt vs. USB-C fiasco. Make up your minds, for our sake.)

I disagree with this almost entirely. The MacBook Pro is, essentially, a mature product. It's already very powerful, has fantastic battery life, a great screen, and the best trackpad money can buy. Sure, if Apple doubled the speed and doubled the battery life, that would be great. But that doesn't happen with desktop-class machines. Incremental updates is how this machine will improve.

Customers who want massive speed and battery are well served by the current MacBook Pro. There isn't really a comparable notebook computer available that blends power, battery, and weight so well.

The MacBook Pro is not the machine for me. Way back in 2010, I left behind my MacBook Pro in favor of the iPad.

This device is a perfect notebook replacement for me. In stark contrast to my reasons for ditching the first generation iPad. Back then I thought I needed more. More power, more capabilities. Turns out, I was dead wrong. What I needed was simplicity and ease of use.

I haven't looked back. The iPad is what I need in a mobile computer1. The new MacBook is the first computer that made me even consider changing that. It's super thin and light — two things I love about the iPad. It has the high resolution screen that would be easy on my eyes. And it has the full power of OS X behind it.

The lack of ports means nothing to me. Here are the things I currently plug into my iPad:

  • The charger.

The MacBook can handle that. If I needed more, the overpriced hubs are available. The lack of power is also a non-issue. This is not meant to be a powerhouse. You shouldn't be editing videos on it. That would make you sad2.

Force Touch

Apple seems to be selling this as a feature. Maybe it is, but it's really about making the MacBook thinner. It could end up being interesting anyway.

Thunderbolt / USB-C

Yeah, this one's a mess. I don't know what the future holds, but I wouldn't count on Thunderbolt sticking around. It sure looks like a mistake at this point.

Oh, and the best part of the whole thing? It comes in gold3.

  1. That would not be the case if I didn't have an iMac at home. 

  2. 8GB of RAM, Apple? Really? I'm ok with the soldering thing. Really, it's fine. But people will want more RAM, and not even giving them the option to give you more money is silly. 16GB all the way. 

  3. You're judging me and I don't care.