Just a few years ago, you could have an opinion on a controversial topic. You could write your thoughts and have a reasonable debate. You might even succeed in peacefully agreeing to disagree with folks of differing opinions. It was great.

That time has passed.

Today, you can still have an opinion on a controversial topic. It's just very, very important that you choose the right opinion. Choosing the wrong opinion will turn you into a monster in the eyes of the public. You will be ridiculed and slapped with one of many unsavory labels.

Never choose the wrong opinion. If you think you might have the wrong opinion on anything, tell no one. Never speak on this topic. This topic is completely off-limits to you.

You might be wondering if I have any wrong opinions. You can go ahead and keep wondering. Even if I was crazy enough to have any wrong opinions, I wouldn't be the type of person to admit that publicly. So as far as you lovely folks know, I always have the right opinion.